We are back with another friday fashion post. We haven’t done one of these for a few weeks, mostly because we have been super busy. However this is what Clem has been wearing over the last couple of weeks. The first outfit is probably my favourite of the 3. I absolutely love the denim shirt, we recently got it in Zara. I must admit, it’s not something I would have usually picked out for Clem but she really liked it. I think it looks great. You can put it with almost anything, but for this I’ve picked a pair of… View Post

We¬†are currently in the process of looking to move/relocate to a completely different area of the country. Being quite far from the area we are looking at moving to is making it very difficult to go and view properties. Especially as we have a toddler. As anyone with a toddler will know, they get bored quite easily and need entertaining. Yes the idea of looking at and exploring new houses is fun the first few times. However by the time you are on house number 8 of the day, you just want to cry and go to the nearest pub… View Post

Clementine, today was your second birthday. You still don’t really understand what birthdays are all about. However give it another year and I’m sure you will be excited. You certainly enjoyed opening the cards and presents you received. We also spent the afternoon in our local park with friends having a picnic, listening to a live brass band and playing games. You ran around a lot, and amused everyone. Making them all play different games with you. Although Daddy wasn’t there in the morning you didn’t really notice. When he arrived in the park I noticed the biggest grin on… View Post