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10 Things I Miss Since Becoming a Mum

Being a parent is great but there are definitely some things that I miss now that I am one, so here is a list of 10 things I miss since becoming a mum.

  1. The ease with which I used to leave the house. Before I just put my shoes on, grabbed my purse, keys, phone and left. Now I have to find my shoes from where ever Clementine has hidden them, make sure the change bag is packed and includes everything including the kitchen sink. Just in case, you never know what might happen on the 10 minute walk in to town. Get Clem ready, strap her in to the buggy only to find she needs a nappy change. Take her out, change nappy, get her ready again and put her back in the buggy. Get the buggy out of the flat, down the stairs, panic that I’ve forgotten something, check the change bag again, put Clem’s shoes on/give her a snack/drink. Finally we are ready to actually leave the building. Woo hoo.
  2. Baths. I love a nice relaxing bubble bath, who doesn’t? Children, unless they are in the bath, and then it isn’t relaxing. Bath time for kids means play time, toys and lots of splashing. Since having Clem baths have become a rare thing, now it’s all quick showers and a lot of dry shampoo. I even have a whole load of lush bath bombs just waiting to be used.
  3. Going to the cinema. Now I realise I can still do this, but I don’t. I used to go to the prince Charles cinema in London quite a bit, mainly for their all nighters they used to do. There’s something I really liked about sitting in a cinema with a group of random people all dressed in pjs and eating a ridiculous amount of sugar. I took Clem once to a baby friendly screening at my local cinema and it wasn’t terrible, however now that she is getting older, sleeping less and more interested in things it might be a bad idea. She doesn’t have the attention span yet for films, so for now I will make do with Netflix and Blu-ray’s at home.

    prince charles cinema 10 things i miss since becoming a mum

    Halloween pj party

  4. Rock Clubs. Again not baby friendly. Now Clem is getting older, then maybe but I am also getting older so I think my time of moshing/singing my heart out in a sweaty hot basement are long gone.
  5. Festivals. This is definitely one of the biggest things I miss since becoming a mum. I went to my first festival when I was 17 in 2001, and I’ve been to at least one sometimes 2 a year since then. I can still remember my first time, it was reading festival 2001 and I paid £85 for a weekend ticket! I saw Marilyn Manson, papa roach, fear factory, eminem, queens of the stone age, green day and many more. I loved it, I moved on from Reading to Download and even went to Germany once for Rock Am Ring, which is a trip I will never forget. Hopefully when Clem gets bigger and older we can take her to a festival, but something a bit more family friendly I don’t think she’s quite ready for a mosh pit yet!
  6. Going to the toilet alone. Ever since Clementine become mobile going to the toilet without her has become rather difficult. She follows me every where, if it wasn’t for CBeebies/Netflix I might never get any time to myself! Her new favourite thing to do is pull all the toilet roll off of the roll. I keep finding it all over flat!
  7. Shopping. Shopping with a buggy is never fun, shops are not made for buggies. Aisles are always small, I always seem to get half way down, then need to turn around as it has somehow narrowed but can’t so I end up walking backwards looking out for other people. Also I find that I end up buying things for Clem and not myself.
  8. Sleep and lie – ins. Admittedly night-time has improved but only slightly, Clem does go down a lot easier now, and the night feeds are pretty much gone. Also lie-ins are none existent with a child, even if I try it doesn’t work especially now Clem can climb up onto the bed.
  9. Owning less stuff. Babies need a lot of things, not only does Clementine obviously have her own room but soon the whole flat will be hers! Her stuff is in the hallway, the lounge, the bathroom and the kitchen. Even if you try to keep all contained someone comes along and decides to go through the toy box to find the thing at the bottom.
  10. This one doesn’t really count as I actually can’t think of a tenth thing I miss but everyone loves a top 10.

So there we have it, the top 10 things I miss since becoming a mum. I love being a mum and I definitely wouldn’t change it. As Clementine grows up we can start doing all the things I miss again. Is there anything you miss since becoming a mum/dad?


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  1. Al

    7th October 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Agree. I love being a dad and I would not change it for the world but there are a few things i miss for sure. Thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

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