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22 Months Old Update

Last week Clementine turned 22 months old, which means that she will be 2 years old in just under two months time!! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. She is changing and growing constantly, both in terms of height and as a little human. She has the oddest sense of humour, I guess she takes after both mummy and daddy on that one. She’s pretty much always happy and smiling, and her vocabulary is really coming on. We get a new word a day now it seems. She absolutely loves dancing, colouring in and painting, being outside especially in the park and watching Bing or Peppa Pig.

I saw this t-shirt in H&M the other day and I couldn’t resist getting it for her. Whilst Clem was glued to the television I decided to try out a few different settings on the camera. The weather was terrible here all last week and the light wasn’t great for taking photos. I still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with the big camera we’ve got, I much prefer using my iPhone.

22 months old

22 months old 1

22 months old 3

This month hasn’t really been that major for Clem, apart from her speech is coming on a lot. Every day she seems to say a new word, bubbles, peppa, bing and bath are her favourite words to say. I think she is currently teething, she is off her food and grumpy. Clothes wise she is still in some 12-18 months but mostly 18-24 months. Every shop seems different, I can buy her a pair of trousers in one shop in one size, buy the same size in another shop and it’s either too big or two small so I’m not bothered by the sizing of the clothes.

We did try to start potty training because she is very aware of when she has gone to the toilet, so we bought pull up pants, which she immediately pulled down as well as her trousers and went all over the floor not the potty. Every time we’ve tried the potty she hasn’t liked it so for now we are not forcing it. I don’t want her to get all worked up and hate the potty, everyone is different and eventually she will be ready. 

As each month goes by I love seeing how she is growing and changing. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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