7 months Update

Clementine turned 7 months old last Friday. I swear I only just wrote her 6 month update!


Apart from turning 7 months old, she also mastered the art of sitting up. She could already sit up, but now she can do it from a laying down position. It’s really cute to watch her do it. It took her a few days of trying, getting her legs stuck in various positions but she finally managed it. She’s also commando crawling everywhere! I can’t leave her alone now, other wise she is halfway across the room quicker than I can say hello!

She’s eating more, laughing/shouting/screeching/generally making noise all the time. Blowing raspberries constantly. She loves to take her socks off and suck on them which is very annoying as I keep finding soggy socks all over the lounge!

She is growing up so quickly, I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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