8 months old

Yesterday Clementine turned 8 months old. We spent the day at a local farm park with friends so look out for that post later in the week. It’s hard to believe that in just 4 months she will turn 1.


This past month saw a lot of changes. She now has 3 teeth! The fourth is just starting to poke through her gum. Her favourite thing to do is crawl up and down our hallway between the lounge and the front door shouting as she goes!


She’s attempting to stand up using anything she can get a grip on, she has managed it once but immediately fell down. I don’t think it will take long before she gets the hang of it.

Weaning has been on and off this month. After the first two teeth came through with no problems these two are really causing Clem some pain I think. She has gone off all food apart from milk so it’s been a bit tough the last few days but hopefully once this fourth one has cut she should be fine.



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