Hello and welcome to Clementine.rocks.

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I am Ky, a 30 something first time mama to Clementine, and partner to Jesse for over 13 years! We found out we were expecting a little bundle of joy in November 2013 and to say we were excited is an understatement, we were also terrified! Well I know I was, Jesse was just in shock I think. As first time parents we had no idea just how much our world was about to change, the aim of this blog was to document those changes!

Jesse is a massive geek, as soon as he saw that you could get a .rocks domain he just had to get one, hence the name of the blog. Plus we are both massive fans of rock/metal music. He also loves a good craft beer whilst playing games – video or board. Clem is actually named after a video game character! If you know which game then 10 bonus points to you.

I love music, anything crafty, not that I do any at the moment. I am obsessed with stationery, I used to work in Paperchase and grew quite the collection. I’m also loving being a first time mum and all the terrifying and exciting things that brings with it.