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22 Months Old Update

Last week Clementine turned 22 months old, which means that she will be 2 years old in just under two months time!! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. She is changing and growing constantly, both in terms of height and as a little human. She has the oddest sense of humour, I guess she takes after both mummy and daddy on that  ...

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Mama Life

20 Questions for the Mum Tag

I was tagged by Bridget over at Bridiebythesea to do the Mum tag. I always like these types of posts purely because I am mega nosey and it’s always nice to get to know people more. The idea is simple, answer the following 20 questions and then tag other mamas. Now I don’t know who has done this and who hasn’t so I tag  ...

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Surviving a long train journey with a toddler

We live quite far from most of our family, both of Clems grannys are in North Devon and we live in Surrey. I don’t drive, and although Jesse does we don’t currently own a car so we travel a lot by train. When we go and see family it can take anything between 2.5hrs and 5.5hrs depending on connections and where we are actually  ...

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Afternoon tea, chicken, cocktails

The other Friday this mama got a night out for my friend’s birthday which involved an afternoon tea and cocktails. Originally we were meant to be going to Thorpe Park as we are both massive fans of Derren Brown, and we are really excited about his new ride Ghost Train. However the opening has been delayed so we decided to wait until it  ...

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