Clementine’s 14 Month Update

Today Clementine is 14 months old. The last couple of months have flown by, and I’ve been meaning to do an update but life has just got in the way. So last month we went on our first holiday, yep we took Clementine on a plane and it wasn’t horrible! I was incredibly nervous before going but I didn’t really need to be, it was fine. We had a lovely time swimming, playing and relaxing.

We’ve been to the park a lot since we came back from our holiday. We are really lucky that our local one is really good, and literally across the road from us. It has a great jungle themed play area that Clem loves. There’s a duck pond with lots of ducks and swans and Clementine really enjoys feeding them. Although she usually eats more of the bread instead of throwing it in! We’ve also been collecting a lot of leaves, conkers and acorns. Carters Steam Fair came to town so we went along for an afternoon of fun on the rides and eat far too much sugar.

Over the last couple of months Clementine’s appetite has really improved and she eats pretty much anything now. Her least favourite things are peas, beans, strawberries and bananas. She had her first experience of curry and really liked it. Her sleeping and naps have improved, and her walking is more like running now. She won’t hold your hand if you are out and about, she insists on walking on her own. She absolutely adores books and reading/looking at them which is good as we are getting quite the collection now. I recently picked up some Peppa Pig books in our local pound shop which she absolutely loves.


I can’t believe Clementine is already 14 months old, it will soon be Halloween and then Christmas. I can’t wait to see how much she changes over the next couple of months.

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