Clementines 20 month update

20 month

Clementine turned 20 months old this week, it’s hard to believe that in just under 4 months time she will be 2 years old! It’s been a while since I last did one of these updates, and I’ve definitely noticed just how much she has changed over the last few months. She is growing up so quickly.

Weight & height I have no idea how much Clem weighs, I should probably go and sort that out at some point but she is definitely getting heavier by the day I swear. In the last few weeks I’ve noticed she’s started to get a bit more chunkier I guess, which I’m not surprised by given how much she’s been eating recently. As for height again I’m not sure, we have been measuring her on a door frame but I recently re-painted it by mistake so we need to do it again.

Food – She eats pretty much anything and everything except for meat. She really doesn’t like meat apart from chicken occassionally so one thing I do is if I make a spaghetti bolognese or chilli I blend a bit of the sauce with some of the mince and then mix it back in so she gets some meat that way. She will eat fish which is good. She absolutely loves peas, sweetcorn and brocolli. Infact most veg she will eat, but she is a lot fussier with fruit. She is also a massive fan of cheese.

20 months old

Going down a slide is one of her favourite things to do

Sleeping – Clems sleeping has improved a lot lately. She is a lot more active in the day now she she goes down a lot easier at night. She usually has one nap in the day ranging from 40 minutes up to 2.5hours depending on what time she woke up. She usually wakes up around 8am, although last week we had a lot of 6:30am starts which I hope don’t become a regular thing as I am not a morning person. She is usually asleep by 8pm, although with the lighter evenings it’s been a bit difficult. Thank god for blackout blinds.

Playtime – Clem loves going to the park, if there is a slide she is happy. We’ve been doing a lot of arts and crafts at home. She loves drawing, painting and stickers. I swear everything is covered in them.


Yeah that is a massive cardboard box. We had a massive parcel delivered from Amazon so we turned it into a house for her. She loves playing in it, she sits in there on a cushion and reads a book or plays with her dolls. She even decorated the outside of it. She has so many toys but is completely happy with a giant box. She loves books as well, we go to the library a couple of times a month and pick out new ones to read at bedtime. We’ve recently started attending some classes – so far we’ve been to toddler music, disco dudes & divas and we are planning on going to an art one and possibly the local gymnastics club for the free play if we make it out of the house in time.

Speech – Clem understands things a lot better than she speaks, but she is getting there with new words pretty much daily. She has recently been getting really frustrated at not being able to say what she wants to which has led to a few tantrums.

Over all I cannot believe just how quickly she is growing up. We haven’t started potty training yet but we do have a potty for her to get used to. Although she currently just sits on it and reads a book or watches tv on it so we are going to have to change that up a bit I think.

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