Holiday to Mallorca

I’m going to start this post by apologising for the huge amount of holiday spam I am about to post. We, well I, took a lot of photos. We have just (well a few days ago now) returned from a rather lovely two weeks away in Mallorca. Despite the weather trying to ruin our time away, at one point the airport ended up closing due to flooding and we woke up one morning to find there was no power, we still had a great time. Before we went away I was rather nervous about taking Clem on a plane but it was fine.

When we looked at where to go we decided on Puerto Pollensa in Northern Mallorca. According to Thomson it’s an ideal place for families and offers a laid-back take on island life which sounded perfect for us. The hotel we booked was a family one, there was a crèche, soft play room, kids club, lots of activities for both adults and little ones and a spa. The pool area was great, 3 different pools with a shallow beach area, water slides and fountains. Clem absolutely loved it. We were about a 10 minute walk from the beach, which was ideal. The crèche was fantastic, they did free sessions 3 times a week which were great to escape to when the sun (or rain) got a bit too much. We also paid for a 2 hour session so we could go off and enjoy the spa which was lovely, although I think I spent all my time in the spa worrying about how Clem was in the crèche. I really didn’t need to, I don’t think she had even noticed us leave she was too busy playing with the other babies and toys.

We spent most of the two weeks playing in the pools or building sand castles on the beach. On one the days when the weather wasn’t very nice we headed down to Palma to visit the aquarium for the day. We spent a good few hours just wandering around looking at all the fish and the huge shark tank.

On another day we headed back to Palma to have a wander around the shops and see some of the sights including Palma Cathedral. I was actually really surprised by Palma, it reminded me a lot of Barcelona. There were some really interesting buildings, and lots of little side streets to get lost in.

Mallorca was a lovely island with loads to do, the area of Pollensa was lovely. We had a mountain view from our room, but the beach was only a 10 minute walk away. There were loads of restaurants and bars to go to, every where we went the people were great. Can we go back now?! I’m already fed up of the rain and cold and autumn/winter hasn’t even properly started yet!


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