Over due update

Hello everyone!

Who knew that having a baby took up so much time?! Clementine is nearly 6 months old and growing bigger and stronger by the day.

We’ve hit some milestones – rolling over from her back on to her front going both left and right, sitting up unaided although she hasn’t mastered getting there on her own yet and obviously reaching 5 months. There’s no sign of any teeth coming through yet although there are definitely signs of teething, including very red cheeks and a lot of dribble. We’ve started to wean, after she tried to grab my prawn mayo sandwich and literally screamed the house down whenever we ate dinner we figured it was time to take the plunge.


Trying some carrot whilst mummy and daddy eat


Reaching for the spoon

We are trying a mixture of baby led and purees, and so far it seems to be going well and not too messy so far! Although we have had mash potato all over the face and in the ears! Whilst doing a food shop the other day I noticed were on offer so I picked up a few to try. So far the baby rice, banana and blueberries one has gone down well.

We’ve also had our first mini holiday to North Devon but more on that in it’s own post so look out for that one next week.

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