Washi tape notebooks

I love anything crafty but having a small person constantly crawling around and getting involved in everything I do makes it hard to actually do any. So the other week whilst Clem was having a nap I decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and sit on our balcony for a quick 15 minute craft session. I love washi/paper tapes, I think they are amazing. You can do so much with them. Another thing I love is stationary, especially notebooks. After working for Paperchase for 2 years I’ve grown quite the collection but sometimes I find it hard to get things in a pattern I like so my idea to get around this is to buy the basic/plain things and decorate them myself using tape.


I did try to do this when Clem was awake but as you can see someone was very eager to get involved!

I like keep all of my tapes in a pen pot that I’ve also decorated with some of the tapes I have. Most of them are from Paperchase but I’ve also got some in Tiger and from eBay. For this one I decided to go quite bright and stripey and because the notebook was damaged I decided to do the whole front and back. It’s really quick and easy to do, just wrapping the notebook in any pattern/design you want.

As with most things Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration, are you on there? If you are then why not check out my washi tape board for a few ideas.

Follow Ky’s board Washi tape on Pinterest.

Are you also a fan of washi tape, have you done any crafts with it? I’ve recently put up a banner in Clem’s room using it, it makes a nice change from drawing pins and is less dangerous.


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