Weekend Baby Style 8


We are going away this weekend to Cornwall on our first family holiday so I’ve decided to do a few outfits of what Clem has been wearing this week instead of the weekend.

First up is a cute jumper from H&M with some great monster leggings from Fred and Noah. I know they don’t really go together but it wasn’t all that warm when I took the photos and it was the first jumper that I came too.


I have to say I love these leggings. I really want to get her some more especially the cloud and polka dot print ones which I love.


This is again quite a simple outfit. Both leggings and top from H & M again. I’m breaking all the fashion rules here putting spots and stripes together but I really like it.


Clementine has yet more teeth coming through! We are on 7 and 8 now! I’m hoping they don’t cause her too much trouble whilst we are away, I’m going armed with far too much but it’s better to take too much than not enough. I always overpack no matter where we are going.

I hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend and the weather isn’t too bad.


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